4 Popular California Homes and the Shingles that Match Them

4 Popular California Homes and the Shingles that Match Them

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the country. They have proven to be more cost-effective and easier to install than other options. The one thing that makes them stand out, however, is their superior beauty. Asphalt shingle roofs can work well with virtually any architectural style.

Roofing Shingles

If you’re thinking about building your dream home or replacing your old roof, you might want to consult trusted Redding roofers about your shingle choices. To help you make an informed decision, Tugwell Roofing Co. recommends these shingle designs featuring GAF®’s top-quality asphalt shingles. The list includes four of the most popular home styles across the state:

  1. Mediterranean Homes – Some of the most prominent features of Mediterranean or Tuscan homes are lower pitched roofs, stucco siding, and arches over windows and doors. For this style, you can go for Monaco® and Grand Sequoia® shingles to highlight their stylish exterior. You can also choose Grand Canyon® to enhance your home’s elegant looks. Earthy colors, such as gray, green, and brown, complement this style really well.
  2. Ranch – The leading home style in the U.S., Ranch homes have a simple exterior matched with a long, low roofline. They are commonly rectangular or L-shaped and feature a brick, wood, or stucco siding. Just like Mediterranean homes, they work greatly with Grand Sequoia and Grand Canyon shingles. The Timberline® series also suits Ranch homes perfectly. Expert Redding roofing contractors suggest different tones of browns, blacks, and grays for their color palette.
  3.  Modern – This home style is notable for its irregularly shaped frames, large windows, and simplistic form and design. They use sleek materials, such as stainless steel, marble, and chrome. For its roofing, Slateline® shingles in darker greys and browns are ideal.
  4. Craftsman – Arts and Crafts homes usually come with a shallow pitched roof, asymmetrical windows and doors, and a broad front porch. GAF’s Timberline, Grand Sequoia, and Grand Canyon all work perfectly for this home style. As the leading experts in roof replacement and roof repair in Redding, we recommend different shades of gray, green, and brown for the color palette.

No matter the style of your home, Tugwell Roofing Co. has the perfect GAF asphalt shingles to match your architecture. We are a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, which means we can recommend the right style and color based on your needs. Call us today at (530) 222-9983 or (530) 895-9983 to learn more. You can also schedule a consultation through our form.