4 Reasons to Go for Seamless Gutters

While your gutter system mostly plays second fiddle to your roof, it still plays a large role in protecting your home from extensive water damage. This essential component channels rainwater away from your home, which prevents water from weakening your foundation and exterior walls. For this reason, it’s important to invest in quality gutter replacement when your existing one is already old and failing.

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While sectional gutters are prominent in most homes, you might want to invest in a better option—seamless gutters. Your premier Redding roofing contractors, Tugwell Roofing Co., look at the features and benefits of this excellent choice.

1. No Leakages

Gutters used to come in pieces and sections, which your roofers can string together with sealant and apply along the length of your roof. Extreme weather conditions can wear away even the most well-sealed and expertly installed seams, allowing leaks to occur.

Seamless gutters can avoid this issue altogether. They use only a single piece of molded aluminum, allowing your roofers to install it as one piece. These effectively direct rainwater to flow smoothly through, minimizing leaks since they have fasteners and joints only at the corners.

2. Easy to Maintain

One of the issues with jointed gutters is that they allow ridges to form along the bottom of the system, resulting in standing water and encouraging leaves and debris to settle. Seamless gutters aren’t prone to this. They’re easier to clean and maintain than sectional gutters, reducing the potential for congestion.

3. Sturdier and More Weather-Resistant

Sags and cracks have smaller chances of developing in harsh weather conditions when you choose seamless gutters. These can resist rust formation since they don’t have ridges where small pools of water can back up.

4. Custom-Fit and Cost-Effective

You’ll need expert Redding roofers to install your seamless gutters, ensuring reliable workmanship that provides lasting weather protection and durable performance. Seamless gutters are also cost-effective options. Since they’re custom measured to fit your home perfectly, they won’t leave wasted, extra materials from the manufacturing process.

Look no further than Tugwell Roofing Co. for the expert installation of your seamless gutters. With our high quality materials and expert team, we’ll make sure that this investment runs smoothly from start to finish. Complete our online form today to get a free quote.