A Simple Guide to Roofing Warranties

Even small roofing repairs can be hard on the budget. By understanding the warranties that come with your new roof, you can dodge extra expenses and unpleasant surprises. In this post, Tugwell Roofing Co. helps you make the most of your roofing warranty by explaining what these are and how they work.

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Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most Redding roofing contractors back the quality of their building materials with a manufacturer’s warranty, also known as material defect coverage. As your roof’s materials are supposed to last for decades despite stress, it should have a long coverage period. Included with almost every installation, some manufacturer’s warranties last up to 30 years.

Installation or Workmanship

Manufacturer’s warranties cover only new materials and rarely the labor cost. You can, however, protect yourself from subpar workmanship by asking your contractor for a labor warranty. Many roofers offer installation or workmanship warranties that, as the name suggests, cover only the labor. In the event the roofing materials fail at the end of your system’s lifespan, this warranty will not cover your new roof.

Warranty Terms

Terms such as “Lifetime” or “30 Years” dictate the purpose of the warranty and its transferability. “Lifetime,” for instance, usually means the warranty covers your system while the original owner lives in the home. It doesn’t mean, however, that you will no longer be protected if you purchase a home.

New homeowners may still use the warranty through transfer clauses. An example of a clause is one that says the warranty can be transferred to one additional owner, given that he or she will inform the company of the new ownership within a certain period.

As one of the most reliable Redding roofers, Tugwell Roofing Co. can explain to you the warranties and guarantees that come with our materials and workmanship. We have received certifications from GAF, a trusted brand in the industry. This means we offer an array of top-grade roofing materials, each of them backed by extensive warranties.

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