Build Up Your Business with Built-Up Roofing

Build Up Your Business with Built-Up Roofing

Business owners need a long-lasting, high performance roof to protect their investment. A worn-out roof that leaks and flakes won’t inspire new ventures and will even reduce your property’s curb appeal. If you feel like you need a replacement for your flat roof, why not invest in built-up roofing? Most commercial properties in the U.S. and abroad boast this roof type, which is designed to withstand harsh climates year round.


Tugwell Roofing Co., premier Redding roofing contractors, recommends this reliable option for your commercial property. For unmatched protection and longevity, BUR might be just what you need.

What is Built-Up Roofing?

A popular material for flat roofs, built-up roofing (BUR) is composed of three or more layers of fiberglass membrane coated with hot asphalt. A top layer of gravel or mineral blends protects your roof’s surface from UV rays, weather, and mechanical damage.

There are many types of built-up roofing. These include asphalt built-up and ballasted asphalt built-up. Asphalt built-up is a more economical choice while ballasted asphalt has excellent finish and improved fire resistance.

Benefits of Built-Up Roofing

You can’t install a new roof without knowing how it benefits you. Built-up roofing just happens to offer more than other roofing options.

  1. High-level Waterproofing Action – With its multiple layers, you can rest easier knowing that BUR provides excellent protection against water penetration. This means no interior damage to your property.
  2. Ultraviolet Protection—Its surface has great reflectivity, reducing heat gain from the Californian sun. With this, you can enjoy a more comfortable temperature indoors.
  3. Fire and Wind Resistance – BUR meets and exceeds strict fire and wind resistance requirements.
  4. Low Maintenance – This roofing option doesn’t require frequent maintenance, allowing you to save on materials and labor.

For durable, more attractive commercial roofing, choose built-up. You only need to call professionals like Tugwell Roofing Co. to install it for you. We are the top choice for replacements and roof repair in Redding. Our experienced crew can tackle any residential or commercial roofing project, providing quality workmanship every time.

With us, you can rest assured knowing you’re working with one of the most skilled and professional roofing contractors in the industry. Call us today at (530) 222-9983.