Does Your Contractor Allow You To Have Insurance Claims?

We can say that roofing problems are bound to happen. While we try to maintain our roofs, materials sustain damage and may fail us in time, thus the need to replace or repair them arises. To assure consumers, most companies sell materials with an appropriate guarantee proving that they are offering the highest quality of roofing. They may also promise that the company will cover future roofing repairs.

Furthermore, professional roofing contractors also provide their staff compensation insurance as a guarantee that a homeowner who is hiring the services is not financially liable to pay for injuries, in case something happens to the roofer while performing the agreed work. The website adds some reminders:

Homeowners who hire contractors or vendors that do not have proper licenses or workers’ compensation insurance may risk their home and assets if someone is injured on their property or shoddy work results in damage to their home.

Many homeowner policies have a criminal activity clause that means the insurance company may not cover damage caused by shoddy work performed by an unlicensed contractor or liability coverage if a worker is injured and the contractor does not have workers’ compensation insurance.

Know also that if your roof is damaged by hailstorm, hurricane, thunderstorm, tornado, by falling debris or branches, your homeowners’ insurance policy may cover the cost of replacement or roof repair in Redding.

That is why it is important for you to verify the reliability of Redding roofing contractors that you wish to hire: from years of service and quality of work to trainings, licences, and certifications. You can go over the client’s testimonials as well as check the contractor’s affiliation with industry organizations and partnerships with manufacturers. Make it a point to research so you will avoid getting the services of fly-by-night contractors who are not at all concerned about things like insurances and warranties.

Tugwell Roofing Co. offers the “Golden Pledge” warranty, considered as the best factory warranty in the industry. It covers a 50-year non-prorated material warranty and a 25-year workmanship guarantee. This is our pledge of giving our clients superior residential roofing and gutter services.

(Article Excerpt From California Insurance Investigators Conduct Contractor Sweep, Claims Journal, June 18, 2014)