GAF Roofing Wizard: Everything You Need to Know

Just a few years ago, finding the right kind of roofing contractor and material was a difficult process. Homeowners had to search different manufacturer websites, sift through stacks of catalogs, magazines and brochures. Deciding on the perfect combination of roofing material and warranty coverage took months.

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You also had to contact Redding roofers if they carry the material that you want. That being said, there is now an easier way to find the right roof for your home. GAF’s Roofing Wizard is the online one-stop-shop that makes it easier to look for the materials in your project.

The First Step

At the Roofing Wizard page, you are first asked to enter a zip code. This ensures the Wizard only displays what is available in your area. Select the style of your shingles. You can choose from different product lines, from the top-of-the-line Premium shingles, to the more affordable Three-Tab Shingles. Regardless of your budget, you’ll find something that fits your home improvement budget.

For a quick peek of available color options, simply hover your mouse pointer over the sample image. Once you’ve selected the style, you’ll see the color options available to you.

The Warranty

Finally, the warranty coverage options are displayed. Regardless of the product line you choose, you can pick from three warranty levels. Take note that this can be up to 50 years in material coverage, and up to 25 years in workmanship coverage should you require roof repair in Redding.

Basic covers manufacturing defects and other GAF roof components. Better features the same coverage as Basic, but with a longer coverage period. Best has the same coverage as Better, but with the addition of contractor’s workmanship coverage.

After completing the required information, click on Show Me. The Roofing Wizard generates a page that lists the complete specifications that you can print or save, then take to your GAF dealer for reference. The bottom of the page also includes a list of contractors available in your area. This includes one of the top Redding roofing contractors today: Tugwell Roofing.

We are proud to be a GAF Master Elite™ contractor in the Northern California area. This means we can provide you the brand’s full range of products. In addition, you can benefit from their industry-leading warranties. Get in touch with Tugwell Roofing today to get started with your roofing project.