How Professional Maintenance is Done

Your roof protects you from the elements, changes in temperature, and many other things. It’s also a considerable investment in time and money. That’s why you always want to keep them in the best shape possible through maintenance. In this article, Tugwell Roofing Co. walks you through the proper route for roofing maintenance—and why you should count on professionals to get the job done.


Gutters: Sitting on the edge of your roofing, gutters are among the most important components of your home. When this gets clogged, they can cause a lot of damage around the home—which gets costly. Therefore, the first stop in maintenance checks is usually here, where we look at the drainpipe from roof to ground, check the entire length of the gutter itself for debris and damage, and inspect even the fascia that holds it all up.

Shingles: Making up a vast swath of surface area atop your roof, professional Redding roofing contractors pay a lot of attention to the shingles or the material covering the surface of your roof. We look primarily for missing or damaged components but we also focus on more subtle signs of damage like flaking or particulate matter in and around the other sections of the roof.

Vents: These components allow for proper circulation of air around your home to keep things fresh and in good quality. Over the years, your vents can get cracked or curled or broken—causing leaks and other problems. Resealing these vent problems is a common step in roof repair in Redding, and one that we will certainly do for you.

Attic: Though technically not part of the roof, your attic can be affected by problems on the roof itself—manifesting in the form of molds, algae growth, moisture condensation, and much more. Many other contractors tend to gloss over this particular area of the home—we include it as part of a full, professional maintenance run.

Keep your roofing in top shape with Tugwell Roofing Co. We will be more than happy to make sure that we cover all the most important parts and corners of your roof. Give us a call today at (520) 222-9983, and we’ll make sure your roof is taken care of.