How the Pros Do It: 4 Tips on Protecting Your Bottom Line

According to, nearly four out of 10 homeowners go over budget when doing a house makeover. If you look around your home, you’ll see plenty of areas that need revamping. There are also some parts that need replacing or repairing. So, how should you do it?

Home Improvement

We offer some tips on protecting your bottom line. Remodeling on a budget is possible; here’s how your Redding roofers do it:

1. Stay away from DIY. Some say that DIY is more cost-effective, especially if a homeowner is adept at it. If a person doesn’t have the expertise, he or she could end up paying around 10 to 40% more. DIY labor is free, but the lack of know-how could jeopardize the project.

2. Hire the right professional. The solution to your home improvement needs is in the hands of an expert. The thing is not all remodelers are the same. Make sure you do your part – conduct some background check and ask for references. Review the remodeling company’s credentials and reputation. A good contractor can do a roof repair in Redding right the first time.

3. Prioritize the urgent projects. Does your kitchen really need different cabinets or could your roof use some new gutters? Assess your goals. Do you want to gain more glam than function? Knowing where you should invest in the first place will lead to more savings.

4. Make sure you map out everything. Lastly, make it a habit to plan well. Write down everything you need and prefer in your remodel. Better yet, create a detailed plan. Include the items, costs, as well as the brands. If you have no idea how much a roof replacement could cost you, ask top local Redding roofing contractors like us for help. We would be happy to help you prepare.

We hope that we helped you save more for your next remodeling project. If you need quality roof replacements, turn to Tugwell Roofing. We work on tear off and disposal of old roofs, dry rot repairs, installations, and more.

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