Boss of the Year – Jeff Tugwell

Boss of the Year – Jeff Tugwell

Each month we typically write a blog post highlighting a product, service, or helpful repair tips. However, this month we are going to switch it up a bit, and showcase the great boss that we all have in Mr. Jeff Tugwell. So this month we are featuring our, “Boss of the Year!”

Here is what some of our Tugwell Roofing Team had to say about our awesome boss Jeff Tugwell:

jeff tugwell

“Jeff has extraordinary loyalty to his employees and customers and makes sure each and every employee knows they are appreciated on a regular basis. This is a hard business to be in but when your leader shows you how appreciated you are it makes it real easy to get up early and stay late.” – Guy Walfort (Project Manager)

“Jeff Tugwell would have to be one of the most fair and honest guys I have ever met inside of work and out. His positive drive towards me and all of his employees let’s you really unlock your true potential and become a better person not only on the job but also in your everyday life” – Cody (Installer)

“Jeff is definitely a good boss and a great guy! I admire his work ethic and his honesty and integrity. Plus he gives back to the community and he’s a fair guy. I mean I still wouldn’t still be working there if it wasn’t for that. Plus I get to work with a great bunch of guys which makes it even better. I appreciate our meetings that we have, his feedback and the team spirit we have and how he listens to our input as well which I think makes our workmanship and reputation second to none.” – Randy (Installer)

“I personally would like to thank Jeff for all he has done for me over the years. I started for Jeff tearing off and installing roofs over 5 years ago. He has given me the opportunity to move up in his company, which in turn has improved my life and made a career for myself that has given myself and my family a great future. Aside from my dad there is not a man in the world who has had a more positive influence in my life. Thank you for all you have done for me, my friend and bossman, Jeff Tugwell!” – Jordan Boswell (General Manager)

“When I moved up to Redding from the Bay Area I was looking for a job for awhile, just as I was going to go back to the Bay Area Jeff gave me a job! I was not a young guy like most of the tear off crew guys, but he gave me a chance and it was a life changing for me since my kids lived here I got to stay in Redding and be around my kids full time. Thank you Jeff for that opportunity. Jeff Tugwell is the kind of guy you want to work for. You will want to impress him and want to work hard for him, because he gives you that team Tugwell feeling that your part of something much more than just a job. Thank you Jeff!!! – Jon (Carpenter)

The meaning of Jeff’s name is pretty true to fact of how Jeff really is. I know I can always count on him to help me when the going gets tough in business as well as personal. Jeff is a great guys with an awesome personality and will always be there for you, and you know that he truly cares about you. He will do everything in a relationship to make it work and means what he says with all his heart. – Terry (Office Manager)

Jeff wants people to succeed as he is! Great boss, great friend, inside or outside of work! I am proud to be team Tugwell!!! Hope to retire here. – Brad (Installer)

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