Keep Your Cool: Can Your Roof Contribute to Cooling?

Some roofs are cooler than others, and it’s not just in terms of appearance. Depending on the material, your roof could help you reduce your AC bills down the line. Here’s how.

When Cooling Expenses Go Through the Roof

According to the Federal Trade Commission, heating and cooling account for nearly half of the money you spend on utility. It’s not hard to believe. On especially warm days, many homeowners tend to put their AC systems on full blast and keep them running all day just to stay comfortable indoors.

But all that effort and money may be put to waste when you have an inefficient or poorly insulated roof. Without sufficient reflective properties, it could allow too much heat to enter the home.

Scheduling roof repair in Redding isn’t the only thing you can do to prepare for summer. If you don’t have a cool roof, you may want to look into roofing replacement to avoid ballooning bills later on.

Cool Roofs: Energy-Efficient Roofing Options

Roofs with high solar reflectance can help solve your cooling troubles. Rather than absorb the sun’s rays, they will reflect that energy right back, effectively reducing the temperature of your roof’s surface.

Many metal roofs have reflective coatings that do this job perfectly. What’s great about this roofing type is that they’re lightweight despite being thick enough to battle the elements head-on. They’re unbelievably tough and can last long even without frequent repairs many homeowners want to avoid. The interlocking panels also resist wind fairly well. They form an energy-efficient barrier between your property and the unrelenting temperatures outdoors.

Shingles can be cool too! GAF’s Timberline® Cool Series could help lower your air conditioning bills. These ENERGY STAR® qualified products use highly reflective granules to bounce back energy where it came from. This feature helps prevent heat buildup in the attic, keeping your roof cool even in the hottest of summers. What’s more, these shingles feature the patented StainGuard® algae protection technology. Without these nasty-looking algae stains, your roof can stay attractive for a long time.

Whether you choose a metal or shingle roof, make sure you trust the right people to install it. No matter how advanced the roof’s features are, it may still underperform when not properly installed.

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