Micro Mesh Gutter Protection Systems: How Do They Work?

With autumn just around the corner, more Redding-area homeowners are starting to dread the fact that they have to muck out their gutters yet again or risk gutter clogs or worse, major water damage. And time and again, Redding roof repair expert Tugwell Roofing will remind them that all it takes is one install to rid themselves of the problem once and for all.

The solution? Micro mesh gutter guards. Here’s how they generally work:

The mesh is affixed to and supported by extruded aluminum that is usually about one-eighth inch thick. The engineering design of this product is such that, despite the very tiny holes, water easily and efficiently passes through the mesh. In addition, even with normal buildup on top of the micro-mesh, such as leaves and pine needles, water continues to pass through the mesh effectively. Micro-mesh gutter guards are extremely sturdily designed and are essentially indestructible. The design encourages debris blow-off, meaning that wind and even light breezes will clear most debris build-up off, although manufacturers will still recommend that the mesh be brushed off periodically.

Tugwell Roofing’s version of the micro mesh gutter protection system works according to similar principles, but it has the added benefit of being extra robust. Features include marine-grade stainless steel construction, an Offset Louver System designed to draw water in and keep debris out, and an industrial-grade paint finish. Long story short, it’s built to last, a fact backed up by its lifetime warranty.

As one of the most sought-after Redding roofing contractors, Tugwell Roofing has a firsthand understanding of the value of clean, unobstructed gutters. You can’t have a healthy roof without a healthy gutter system. And the easiest way to keep your gutters healthy is with the help of gutter protection systems.

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(Article Excerpt from The Pros and Cons of Gutter Guard Systems, Your City Resource)