Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor: What It Means

As one of the most reliable and skilled Redding roofing contractors, we at Tugwell Roofing Co. always make sure that all of our clients receive the best service for their homes. Your home is your most important investment, and through our experience and expertise in the roofing, we will make sure that investment is safe. As such, through our endeavors and through continuously improving our skills, we have received one of the highest honors a roofing contractor can receive—Platinum Preferred Contractor status with Owens Corning™.

Now, what does it mean to be an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor?

Whenever you hear the word “platinum,” you’ll always associate it with being the best, being outstanding. When you know that a roofing contractor like us at Tugwell Roofing Co. has Platinum Preferred Contractor status, you know that we will be delivering only the best service for your roof. This means we have achieved the highest level of service within the roofing industry. To be able to get this recognition, we had to be able to pass the rigorous standards set by Owens Corning:

  • We’ve been in the business for at least five years. (Tugwell Roofing Co. was founded in 2007.)
  • We have not been involved in any adverse legal action within the past five years.
  • We have a clear credit record.
  • We have all necessary state and local licenses to perform roof work.
  • We have general liability insurance.
  • We are a proven member of the National Roofing Contractors Association.
  • We have built a good professional reputation in all the areas we service.
  • We are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Through our commitment to quality and excellence, we’ve been able to meet all of these requirements. And as a testament to that and to continuously bettering our service, alongside our new Platinum Preferred Contractor status, we have recently received a C2 license for insulation. So as you can see, we’re always setting the bar high among Redding roofers.

If ever you need work done for your roof, allow professionals like us at Tugwell Roofing Co. with Platinum Preferred Contractor status with Owens Corning to lend you a hand. For more information, feel free to give us a call today.