Protect Your House with Fire-Resistant Metal Roofing

The Fourth of July commemoration of independence is a big, national celebration and it just calls for fireworks – rather lots and lots of these colorful explosives! Now this one will sure spark your curiosity: according to the American Pyrotechnic Association, celebrators lit about 175 million pounds worth of fireworks during last year’s Fourth of July festivities. Moreover, the average merrymakers alone spent about $662 million on fireworks.

Wonder how much firepower do all these fireworks have? Well, as far as we know fireworks contain “black powder,” an explosive material which is similar to gunpowder. They need this kind of powder to whizz the rocket into the air and even more black powder to create that burst of ornate explosion.

Does this mean fireworks are dangerous? Well, matter-of-factly, yes. Behind all this beautiful drama in the sky, fireworks can be extremely dangerous. An article from posted this reminder:

With July 4 around the corner, people are making preparations for celebrations of all kinds.

One thing that you can do to safely prepare your house is to take a look at your roof.

“Moss on the roof and gutters full of needles, leaves and pinecones all make great fuel to any illegal fireworks around your home,” (Aberdeen Assistant Fire Chief Rich) Malizia said.

And, if your roof happens to sport a blue tarp, that also makes it susceptible to fireworks-started fires, he said.

Fortunately, houses with metal roofing are proven less susceptible to fireworks-related fire. Metal roofs are assigned with Class A fire rating which means that they are non-combustible and are even resistant to hail, wind, heat, etc.

Moreover, metal roofs are also designed to reflect thermal energy back to its source, making it a great roofing alternative for houses located in warm-weather places such as in Chico, California. However, homeowners must be aware that proper application, ventilation, and insulation of metal roofing is required to avoid heat and moisture formation in the attic. Professional Chico roofing contractors can explain to you the specifications of metal roofing so that you will know what type works best for your home.

Celebrating special occasions that call for fireworks display can be fun and safe. Homeowners should be aware of the dangers these can cause to their property and to their families. It is best that a roof is resistant from the hazards of fire. Professional Chico roofers of Tugwell Roofing guarantees to install high quality, durable, and long lasting roofing material.

(Article Excerpt From Prepare your house for fireworks threat,, June 28, 2014)