Q&A: When to Repair or Replace Your Roofing System

When you are a homeowner, especially in a place like Redding in California, then you are no stranger to the damage caused by weather conditions present in the area, such as sun exposure and occasional thunderstorms.

When this happens, you have two choices: to repair or to replace your roof. But before deciding, there are several factors to consider. Among them are the size and location of the damage as well as the roofing materials needed. Here are some of the common questions homeowners asked us at Tugwell Roofing regarding roof replacement and roof repair in Redding:

Q: What kinds of damage on the roof necessitate replacement or repairs?
A: Torn or detached shingles from the wind or fallen limbs. Roofing materials that are cracked or dented are also some of the things that require your attention because these can lead to more complicated damage like leaks.

Q: How do we know when to replace and when to repair?
A: If you have minimal damage with just a shingle or two, you can have it patched with new ones, provided a spare from the job is available. However, if there are no spares, there is a possibility that the new ones will not match the entire roof.

Another instance is if the damage is confined to one part of the roof, in which case you can have partial re-roofing done. But this can be pretty expensive, especially if you have asphalt roofing because its layers may have to be removed for the job to be completed.

It is wise to consider roof replacement in this situation because it can be a cheaper investment in the long run.

Q: Whom should we call for the job?
A: Call reliable Redding roofing contractors that have enough experience in making good judgment calls with regard to the damage on your roof, like us at Tugwell Roofing Co.

Our reputation for superior customer service comes from the fact that we always give our customers our honest opinion and advice because we only have their best interests at heart. Our team of professionals is factory-trained to replace or repair damage in a manner that is beneficial to the homeowner. So if you want to hear our opinion about your roof, just give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.