Roof Repair Company in Chico CA

Roof Repair Company in Chico CA

Professional Roof Repair Company in Chico CA – Tugwell Roofing

What Does Your Roof Look Like?

Do you ever wonder what kind of shape your roof is in?  Or how many years of life your roof has left before you need to replace or repair it?  Why wonder? Call Tugwell Roofing today for a free roofing estimate!  We will send out a friendly knowledgable estimator to inspect your roof and give you the honest assessment on what you should do to retain the integrity and value of your home.  We are a professional roof repair company, servicing the Chico, Red Bluff & Redding, California areas, that has built a reputation for quality, integrity and superior customer service.  We provide all phases of roof installation, repairs, and maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties.

Roof Repair – Dry Rot Eaves

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Out of sight, out of mind.  The old saying is quite true and with your roof being above your head that means it is pretty much out of sight.  The average person does not climb up onto their roof, and nor should they, so how do they know if your roof is having issues and needs repairs?  Water dripping into your home is obviously a big sign, but you do not want to wait until that happens to address an aging roof.  One thing that you can view from the safety of the ground is your eaves. The boards that help to hold up your roof and extend out on the sides of your home.  On the vast majority of homes these are going to be exposed and completely visible to you when you’re on the ground.  If your eaves appear to have dry rot, call us right away! It is best to address a dry rot issue early on before substantial damage occurs.  Then rest assured, just because your roof has dry rot does not mean you have to replace the entire roof! We are experts in skillfully removing any dry rot from your roof, replacing the wood with new plywood, and re-shingling the section that contained dry rot.  Ultimately saving you money, and giving you a few extra years of life on your roof before you have to replace it.

How Does Dry Rot Happen?

In Northern California we receive a strong combination of incredibly hot summer days and, in some years, torrential rain storms in the winter.  The combination can wreak havoc on your roof.  As your shingles age and degrade under these harsh conditions, water can find its way on to the wood and begin the process of causing dry rot.  If your home has issues with its gutter system this can be compounded quickly.  This constant bombardment of wet winters and hot summers causes the wood to expand and contract, opening up the wood more and more to water and moisture.  At some point the wood begins to rot and deteriorate and it spreads into the core infrastructure of your roof and home, then your only option is to call a roof repair company that services Chico & Redding, like Tugwell Roofing to fix your roof and the damage the dry rot has caused.

How Do You Repair & Prevent Dry Rot?

One of the number causes of extensive dry rot damage on the eave of a roof is when gutters become clogged because they are not cleaned out properly, and then a back flow of water saturates into the wood causing substantial damage to your eave.  The first thing we do to repair dry rot when we are re-roofing or repairing your home, is cut the dry rot “cancer” out, and then replace the eave with new plywood.  From there, we have two products that we can add to your roof that will main the integrity of your eaves and act as preventative maintenance.  First we recommend gutter screens to keep debris out of your gutter, that way water will flow properly.  We also offer the highest quality roofing products, that come backed with the roofing industry’s best warranties.  Since we know that many homeowners are not out climbing on ladders cleaning out their gutters diligently, we highly recommend these products to every customer we have as a preventative maintenance.  These products are designed to protect roofs and eaves from water damage and dry rot so that you don’t have to worry about it!

dry rot repair eave dry rot repair  dry rot repair

Saving Money Now

No one wants to spend money if they don’t have to, but when it comes to the integrity and value of your home, getting ahead of dry rot and water damage can save thousands of dollars over time.  Addressing dry-rot before it spreads is a guaranteed way to save money on your roof, before it spreads and can cause more damage and thus increase the costs of fixing your roof.

Not Sure if you have Dry Rot, or Curious What it would Cost to Fix?

Contact Tugwell Roofing for a free roofing estimate. We are a professional roof repair Company in the Chico & Redding area.  Whether you are looking for a new roof, gutters, insulation, repairs, or maintenance, Tugwell Roofing can handle it all for you!  In Chico call 530-895-9983 or for Redding call 530-222-9983.

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