Experienced Metal Roofing Advice and Installation in Redding, Mt. Shasta, Burney & Chico

Metal roofing offers a beautiful, durable, and economical choice for homeowners in Redding and the surrounding area. Tugwell Roofing Co. has the expert advice you need to choose the style that suits your property, and our roofers provide experienced metal roof installation.

Metal is available in a variety of aesthetically pleasing styles that can match any home or business architecture, with choices in design, pattern, and color, as well as choices in materials such as steel, aluminum, or copper.

Protection and Durability of a Metal Roof

The protection a metal roof provides is second to none. Whether the weather bombards you with heat, cold, water, ice, or wind, the elements are less likely to affect the integrity of your building with the superior defense of metal. The lightweight, interlocking panels are not as easily caught by wind, and they are fire resistant as well. The shape and thickness of metal panels dissipate heat and resist cold, creating an energy efficient barrier between your property and the elements.

Improvements in metal paint and coatings prevent rust and corrosion while resisting fading to keep your roof like new for decades.

In fact, the durability of a metal roof provides a shield for your property with a life expectancy greater than 50 years.

Quality Metal Roofing Installation You Can Trust

No matter what style or material you choose, the experts at Tugwell Roofing Co. are ready to help you get the roof that provides you with the best protection for your residential or commercial property. Our personalized service and attention to detail have more and more people in Redding, Mt. Shasta, Burney, Chico, Paradise and surrounding areas choosing Tugwell Roofing Co. for all of their Northern California roofing needs.

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