Sell Your Home Quick and at the Right Price with These Tips

Struggling to find a way to sell your home faster and at a better price? Selling your home might be challenging, but there are several suggestions that can help make your home more attractive to potential buyers. As one of the most reliable Chico roofing contractors, we at Tugwell Roofing Co. have three expert tips for you: add curb appeal, deep clean your home, and fix what’s broken. Let’s discuss these in further detail.

  • Add curb appeal that can make a good impression. But how can you do that? According to Better Homes and Gardens, a good 40% of your home’s curb appeal is determined by your roof. By getting your roof assessed by professionals like us at Tugwell Roofing Co., you can ensure that any necessary work, such as repair or replacement, is done properly. By opting to get a new roof, you can also give your home a new look. Tugwell Roofing Co. can provide you with several roofing options including asphalt shingles, tiles, and slate.
  • Keep your home clean and free of clutter. A tidy-looking home that’s free from clutter is more attractive to potential buyers. This can help them visualize the spaces better and help them see themselves in that home.
  • Get everything broken fixed or replaced. Damaged roofing is a major eyesore that will instantly be noticed. Another problem is that it leaves the home vulnerable to the elements. Make sure that any roof repair in Chico is done by professionals like us at Tugwell Roofing Co. We’ll make sure that leaks and other issues with your roof are dealt with so that your home looks great and will reliably protect you from the weather.

By following our expert tips, we’re sure that you’ll be able to sell your home in no time and at the price that you want. For more tips or information regarding roofing or other home improvement projects, feel free to give Tugwell Roofing Co. a call today.