Silicone and Acrylic Coatings For Better Commercial Roofing

Adding another layer of protection to your roof can extend its life span. It can also allow your commercial building to withstand weather changes and other harsh elements. One way to boost your roof’s durability and endurance is to apply a roof coating.

Redding roofing contractors recommend different types of coating to provide a barrier between your roof and outside elements. When coating your roof, a thin membrane is applied to seal the roof materials, protecting it from rain, wind, and sunlight, among others. Silicone and acrylic coatings are among the types that can strengthen your roof. These prevent leaks, pooling, and other problems that can disrupt your business operation.

To explain how roof coating is a smart choice for your business, Tugwell Roofing discusses its benefits.

Strong Resistance
Too much exposure to the sun can damage your roof. Applying coatings can make your roof resistant to heat because of their ultraviolet protection components. Moreover, coatings provide fire resistance so that your roof cannot be easily destroyed by this element. Tugwell Roofing offers Gaco Western’s silicone and acrylic coatings to make sure that your roof stays resistant to fire and ultraviolet exposure.

Energy Efficiency
As roof coatings tightly seal your roof, these prevent air from entering and escaping the building. This then makes your commercial building more energy-efficient, which will lead to lower electric bills.

Ease of Installation
Another reason Redding roofers, particularly Tugwell Roofing, recommend Gaco Western’s silicone and acrylic coatings is because these are easy to install. There’s no need to remove old roof materials, making the entire process easier and faster. In fact, installing these types of coatings will not interrupt the business operations, allowing your employees to continue working in spite of our presence.

By hiring us to apply Gaco Western’s coatings, you’re not only boosting your roof’s performance but are also making your commercial building more comfortable for people working there. All these will result in a better and more efficient business. For more information, contact us at (530) 222-9983 in Redding or (530) 895-9983 in Chico.