The Micro Mesh Gutter Protection System: 3 Unique Benefits

Keeping your home protected against water damage is always at the top of any property owner’s priority list. After all, water-inflicted damage can be very tough and costly to deal with.

While you’re at it, why not start with your gutter system and find ways to reinforce it? The Micro Mesh Gutter Protection System is one of the best reinforcements available in the market today. It greatly helps in preventing gutter congestion as well as water runoff. This all-out gutter defense, when installed by your local Chico roofers, can greatly improve your home’s protection against harsh elements.

Here are its three main benefits:

Micro Mesh Gutter Protection System Provides Outstanding Protection for Your Home

When combined with marine grade stainless steel, Micro Mesh can prevent even the tiniest particles from entering into your gutter system. Check out its wonderful benefits below:

  • It helps keep leaves, tree branches, and other debris out of your gutters.
  • It eliminates water damage to your fascia, siding, and foundation, caused by overflowing gutters.
  • It avoids formation of mold and mildew inside your basement and attic areas.
  • It handles virtually any kind of downpour with ease.
  • It prevents birds, squirrels, and other small animals from nesting.
  • It works with screen enclosures.

Micro Mesh Gutter Protection System Offers an Exclusive Look for Your Home

Who doesn’t want an attractive home that stands out in the neighborhood? It’s one of the best things that make the life of a homeowner exciting: to be able to present your uniqueness through design. The great news is that Micro Mesh is easy to use and has the following features:

  • It fits on your existing gutters.
  • It blends with your roofline and gutters.
  • It installs without penetrating the roof, thanks to its low profile feature.

Micro Mesh Gutter Protection Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

You can enjoy this heavy duty gutter protection along with its lifetime warranty. Micro Mesh Gutter Protection offers convenience, value, and defense that can last for many seasons to come. Additionally, Micro Mesh meets the highest standards for quality and is manufactured and tested in the U.S.

Let your Chico roofing contractors help you look after your home through quality gutter protection. Here at Tugwell Roofing Co., our teams are fully trained and equipped to install the Micro Mesh Gutter Protection System for all kinds of structures. Just call us at (530) 222-9983 or send us a message today.