The Tugwell Roofing Edge: GAF Master Elite™ Certification

It’s that time of the year again when many property owners are looking for specialists to inspect and repair their roofs in preparation for winter. With many roofing contractors offering their services, it can be difficult to find the right service providers. To make sure you’re dealing with qualified Redding roofers, choose GAF Master Elite™ contractors.

Here are some benefits of hiring roofing specialists with this coveted certification:

Verified Business Information
Some property owners become victims of roof repair scams because they fail to verify the contractor’s business information. Roofers may show you a license number, but is it valid? They may present warranty and insurance documents, but are they genuine?

To receive a GAF Master Elite certification, contractors must show that they are properly licensed and have a proven reputation. Furthermore, they must prove that they are adequately insured and are committed to continuing professional training. A GAF certification guarantees that you’re working with contractors who have met government requirements to operate in your area.

Quality Service
With GAF’s stringent criteria, not everyone who applies for a certification is approved. In fact, only three percent of all roofers are Master Elite contractors. To make it easier for property owners to find certified roofers, GAF only choose a limited number of contractors in a certain area. Choosing an accredited roofing specialist ensures that you’ll receive services that meet industry standards. In addition, you’re confident that you’re not dealing with a “fly-by-nighter.”

Comprehensive Warranties
Unlike other roofing specialists, GAF Master Elite contractors can provide comprehensive and longer warranties. You don’t just get peace of mind during installation, but also years after the contractors have installed or repaired your roof. As these special warranties are financed by GAF, you can be sure that you will be protected throughout the warranty coverage without fail.

Don’t just let any contractor get up on your roof. Make the most of your home improvement investment by working with GAF Master Elite Redding roofing contractors, like Tugwell Roofing Co. With our “Golden Pledge” warranty on non-prorated materials, you won’t be worrying about roof repair and replacement costs for the next 50 years. Get in touch with us for more information on our products and services.