What is The Best Ventilation For Roofs?

Properly Ventilated Roofs Reduce Monthly Bills & Extend The Life Of Your Roof!

Would you like to reduce your monthly heating & cooling bills while also extending the life of your roof?

If the answer is yes, then please read on. There are two major things you can do to extend the life of your roof and at the same time reduce your energy bills. 1) Properly ventilate your roof & 2) Increase the insulation in your attic. When it comes to ensuring hot air is not trapped in your attic, the traditional solution was the classic turbine vent or twirly-bird system. As air becomes heated in your attic above the natural temperature outside, it would be released through the turbine and cooler air would be inducted through vents in your eaves. However, there are a couple of problems with this kind of device.
First, they can seize up from rust build up and become stationary. This will in turn allow rain water to enter your roof and can cause dry rot and potentially thousands of dollars of unnecessary damage, greatly reducing the lifetime of your roof (and possibly creeping into your walls and framing structure). Secondly, old turbine vents are not stationed at the very top of your roof, this is where even hotter air is trapped at the peak of your attic space. We explain further down how this can have very negative impacts in both hot and cold weather. Tugwell Roofing uses only high quality products like GAF Cobra ventilated systems, which address both of these concerns and as such, have a very positive affect on the efficiency and lifetime of your roof and the value of your home overall.

Ridge Ventilation for Roofs – The Very Best Choice!

At Tugwell Roofing we believe that GAF Cobra Attic Ventilation systems are the very best choice for roof ventilation for your home! They provide effective attic ventilation which is critical for a long lasting roof! A Vented Ridge Roof System is the most affordable and smartest investment in your homes health and energy conservation, especially when combined with the proper amount of attic insulation. In these hot Redding and Chico summers and cold wet winters, warm air & moisture builds up in the attic and greatly reduces the effectiveness of insulation. Ridge vents coupled with soffit vents do more for the ventilation of your attic than ANY other ventilation options! As air heats your attic it rises, pulling fresh cooler air from the soffit vents, and the hot air escapes through the ridge vent. This greatly reduces the overall temperature of your attic, thus reducing the temperature of your home, which ultimately reduces your energy bills!

A Properly Balanced Vented Ridge System Installed by Tugwell Roofing will help:

  • vented ridge roof systemRemove Excess Heat and moisture from your attic to protect your roof from premature deterioration.
  • Aid in preventing Roof Rot in your attic or roof deck
  • Minimize Paint Peeling and extend the life of your interior and exterior paint
  • Limit the growth of harmful mold
  • Safeguard your attic against mildew damage
  • Allows heat and condensation to escape at the most ideal location – the ridge
  • Save you Money on your utility bill, by reducing excessive heat in your attic!

The Importance of Good Air Circulation in your Attic

ventilation for roofsGood circulation of air in your attic will help in both cold and hot weather conditions.  At first this may seem like a contradiction, but here are the reasons why proper attic ventilation combined with the right amount of insulation can reduce your monthly energy bills and extend the life of both your roof and your gutters.  

Cold Winter Months

In the colder months air flows through a well vented attic, which in turn keeps heat from getting trapped under your roof.  If the hot air were to get trapped in the attic, then this can cause “ice damming, where melted snow is turned into water at the higher points of the roof (where the hot air is trapped) runs down the roof towards the gutters and is eventually frozen into ice.  This cycle repeats over and over and eventually you are trapping snow on your roof and ice in your gutters.  This can cause all kinds of damage to your roof structure, roof shingles and gutters.   Along with ice damming, disparate temperatures between your attic and the outside can cause constant expansion and contraction of the roof, and this constant movement can have negative repercussions for the overall life of your roof.

Hot Summer Months

Without proper ventilation your attic can become “superheated”.  If you have ever climbed into your attic in the summer months you might have had your breath taken away by the extreme heat and felt like you were entering a dry sauna.  This super-heated air can melt compounds that hold your shingles together and slowly over the course of a few years completely degrade your roof at worst or dramatically reduce the lifespan of your roof.  By properly venting your attic, the air will stay closer to the natural temperature outside.  

Turbine Vents – The Classic Solution

old-turbine-ventsTurbine vents are very common and you see them on almost every home.  We all know hot air rises and can be trapped in your attic’s highest point.  To combat this in the past people would install turbine vents.  The hotter the air is inside your attic compared to the outside temperature, the faster the turbine will spin releasing the hotter air.  The problem comes when the turbines bearings rust and the turbine no longer spins.  This creates a stationary series of holes on your roof that allow rain to easily enter, especially during windy rain storms where the water moves vertically as well as horizontally.  The rain now has an entry point and can cause serious damage to your roof, your insulation and the ceiling in your home.

Vented Ridges – The Smart Approach

GAF vented roof systemTugwell Roofing installs vented ridges at the very top of your roof, since hot air rises, they offer the best and most efficient path for the hottest air in your attic to be released.  They have no moving parts and are installed in such a manner that they work well in heavy wind rain storms where the water is moving in multiple directions.  Combined with proper venting for air induction under your eaves and you have an easy, effective and long lasting solution to keep your attic temperatures in line with that natural air temperature.  

Reduce Energy Bills

The Redding & Chico area are certainly familiar with extremely hot summers and expensive cooling bills in the summer.  Combine this with the fact that energy costs are going up every year and there is a real motivation to optimize your home to reduce energy consumption.  By properly insulating your home, you can reduce the energy needed to both cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter.  Investing in proper insulation has an excellent return on investment and often pays for itself in one year or less saving you hundreds of dollars on your yearly utility bill!

A Vented Ridge Looks Great, has Strong Durable Protection, is Energy Efficient and overall Provides Peace of Mind

At Tugwell Roofing we know how to build, protect, and maintain roofing systems, gutters, and insulation to ensure maximum life expectancy. Our team will make sure your roofing install, maintenance, or repair job is done right, the first time. To get an estimate on your new roof, vented ridge roof systems, repairs, or maintenance in Redding, Chico, Red Bluff, Mount Shasta or surrounding areas, call us today for details. (530) 222-9983 or (530) 895-9983 in Chico.