What is the Perfect Roof Color for Your Home?

Choosing the right color scheme for your home’s roofing can be an overwhelming project for many homeowners especially for those who have never tackled roofing issues before. For new homeowners or those who plan to have a roofing replacement, Redding roofers recommend to do your research before buying anything. There are things to consider such as the material, the quality, the price, and even the colors. If you are thinking to make your curb more attractive, here are some tips on how to find the perfect roof color for your home.

Consider the Climate in Your Zone

If your home is located in an area with warm climate, it is best to choose colors with lighter shades which will reflect heat away from your home. This kind of strategy benefits your home especially when the summer months arrive and temperatures can make it hot in the home especially in the upper level rooms. On the other hand, darker colors are perfect for cold climate areas as they retain heat, helping to keep your home warmer during cold season. Nevertheless, choosing the color you like for your home is always the best way to go as you will be living under that roof for quite a long time or probably the rest of your life.

Coordinate Colors with Home Elements

In a lot of instances, homeowners prefer to coordinate the colors of their roof with the rest of the building. Matching them with the elements of the structure that are unchangeable such as brick walls and stone facades will create a sense of continuity. A lot of roofing options are available in colors that can be blended or matched in order to complement the exterior of the home. As such, it is important to match samples against your home’s elements if you want to find the perfect combination to achieve. If you have brick exterior walls, shingles will look great. But if the outside colors of your home are made up in multiple colors, then it’s best to stick to a single-colored roof to avoid clashing and chaos. Roof colors come in various shades so you can pick the closest one to match your home’s exterior. On the other hand, you can also ask assistance from your trusted Redding roofing contractors to help you choose the roofing color that will complement your property.

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