What Makes a High-Quality Roof? Part 1: Roofing Materials

What Makes a High-Quality Roof? Part 1: Roofing Materials

While there are several considerations to be made when buying a new roof, quality is                                                arguably the most important.


Roofing Materials

Quality dictates the roof’s longevity, and it all starts with the choice of materials. Most roofing materials can be installed on decks with a few minor tweaks in the installation process, so don’t be stuck on a particular material choice. Take note that Redding roofing contractors always say your roof is a long-term investment, so knowing which material to choose is advisable.

Here are some of the most popular roofing materials available:

1. Asphalt shingles are the most popular residential roofing material in the country. After all, they’re economical, easy to install, and have the widest color choice than any other material. In addition, top manufacturers offer long-term warranties for some of their shingles and complete roofing systems. They include GAF’s Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty.

2. Clay tiles are favored for its elegant look, extreme durability and non-combustibility. Clay tiles – and the more economical concrete tiles – are much heavier than most roofing materials, so your roof deck may require reinforcement.

3. Metal roofing can either be installed in panel or shingle form. This lightweight roofing material lasts much longer than most roofing materials and is very energy-efficient. The choice of metal varies with each contractor, but it generally is a good idea to go for stainless steel for its resistance to rust, which means less need for roof repair in Redding. Expect to pay a premium for such benefits, as metal roofing can get expensive.

4. Wood shakes are great if you want to go fully traditional. Note that many areas specifically prohibit use of wood in roofing, so you may want to look into shingles that mimic wood shakes, like GAF Glenwood® shingles.

5. Synthetic membrane roofing is typically used in commercial rather than residential applications. EPDM, made from recycled tires, is traditionally used, but newer materials like GAF’s EverGuard® TPO products now have “cool roof” features. This reduces heat absorption.

In the next installment of this series, our trusted Redding roofers will discuss common roofing issues, and how they affect your roof’s quality. If you want to know more about roofing material options, call us today at (530) 222-9983 or fill out our contact form.