Why Hire a GeoJuice-powered Roofing Contractor?

Chico roofing contractors offering their services to homeowners, choosing the right contractor has boiled down to which one will be the easiest to work with. Every roofer in the area has some form of special offers or guarantees, so picking out roofers with “extras” is kind of pointless.

Picking out roofing companies with experienced personnel isn’t as simple as it was before. There are literally dozens of companies that have teams with plenty of experience in roofing, so they’re pretty similar. The same can be said for roofers offering special materials (especially since local laws help make sure that roofers use materials that pass certain quality standards). You need to look for more than a good team and good materials. You need roofing contractors that promote innovation.

Roofing companies like Tugwell Roofing uses an innovative app called GeoJuice, which is specially designed to optimize how contractors can provide services to customers like you. For example, GeoJuice lets Chico roofers send out surveys to accumulate reviews. This means they get more feedback, and you have a better idea of the quality of their work.

GeoJuice also lets contractors take photos and automatically upload them thru their company website or social media pages. You’ll get the latest project developments, promos, and pictures from their most recent projects in real time, so there’s no delay when it comes to providing you with information about what they’re currently working on.

This is why GeoJuice has a built-in feature that automatically recognizes the contractor’s location, and makes it easier to highlight information relevant to that area. It also optimizes the contractor’s website, so homeowners like you will have an easier time looking up the company online (goodbye frustrating online searches!).

Other roofers might hassle you with cumbersome surveys, but roofers that use GeoJuice can send easy to understand review forms that let you provide good quality feedback without any hassle. Just type your review, check the star ratings, and send!

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